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Green Solar Power Energy

Today It's Possible To Live Off The Power Grid Using Solar Energy

Did you know solar panels became commercially available in the mid 1950's but the efficiency of the cells was quite low at that time. By the late 50's the efficiency problem had been improved enough that the first solar powered satellite was launched in 1958.

From then until the early 90's solar panels were still very expensive and only used for powering satellites, and small electronics like calculators and watches.

It was Germany and Japan who were the first to bring down the cost and start building solar panels designed for homes. At that time both countries initiated long-term solar panel-installation incentive programs and that resulted in even lower costs for solar panel power which spurred the growth of the robust solar power industry.

Green Solar Power Energy

Way back in 2006 California made a major commitment to solar powering homes by adopting the California Solar Initiative, a ten-year incentive program with the goal of installing 3,000 megawatts of solar panels on the equivalent of one-million rooftops.

This overall long-term commitment to supporting solar will have a profound effect on the amount of solar installed and will make it easier for home owners to afford solar power.

Because solar panels have become more and more affordable you begin to see rural areas that are not serviced by the utility grid are using them power homes that used to depend on generators for power. These systems are called off grid solar power systems since they do not depend on the utility grid for their operation.

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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla and alternative energy
This information about green power energy involving Nikola Tesla has been forgotten about for a hundred years just recenty rediscovered.

You Can Find It At: gregsbasicelectronics.com/nikolatesla/

How Many Solar Panels
Do You Need?

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A major misconception about solar energy is the myth that you have got to live somewhere like the center of Texas to have enough sunshine which is just not true. Take a look at this video about a guy who lives way up north in cloudy Seattle Washington!


My Solar Panels Struck
By Lightning

solar panels struck by lightning

"The thunderstorm was starting to get very loud and we could see flashes of lightning coming through the curtains on the windows."


How Do Solar Power Panels
Make Power?

Solar panels are "photovoltaic devices" which means they work by converting photons of light into voltage. Here is a great video that explains this simply and concisely.